Saturday, May 5, 2018

The end has come...

To all who have followed my journey here and elsewhere,  I am sad to announce that I have submitted my resignation as an FSJ Coach.  As the new Coach Handbook was released yesterday, so did the exclusivity clause.  I contacted home office to share my current status as a design team member for Joy Clair (faith based clear photopolymer stamps) and Coffee Loving Cardmakers.  I was given an ultimatum "Choose us or Joy Clair". 

I am a stamper.  I love stamping PERIOD.  I will NEVER choose exclusivity over support for the many fabulous stamp companies who work tirelessly to make their business a success.  I choose to support the companies and products I love. 

I never became an FSJ Coach with the goal of having a business.  I chose to join the coach community at FSJ for the fine products, the supportive and like-hearted community and for the joy of stamping.  It was a nice perk to get a discount on products too.

Unfortunately, whether I like the product or not, I love the stamping community and ALL of the companies that work so hard to design, create and sell their fabulous products to stampers and crafters all over the world.  I cannot find it anywhere in my soul to be exclusive to one company.  That just cannot happen for me.  I love to create and make beautiful projects and share them with others.  When given the opportunity to create projects for a specific company, I want to be able to and not have to justify myself to anyone. 

I want to apologize to my entire Itchin' Inkers team.  I'm sorry I have to leave you without a direct upline but I will continue to help and support you in any way I can.  This blog will now become a place I will share my FSJ creations and will be a place where you, the readers can be inspired or perhaps help support my team with a purchase or two. 

If and when I share FSJ creations, I will refer you to one of my 'former' downline for product purchases.  You can find a list of my downline on the sidebar to the right.  Please contact them or shop through their sites if you wish.  <3


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