Wednesday, May 20, 2015



Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!  I'll be hosting my Make-Live-Share event with special guests Richard and Gabby Garay, Dynomite Dustin and families of deployed service members.  It's going to be an amazing event and I am so excited!

I wanted to pop on my blog to let you know that part of the event (barring any technical difficulties) will be LIVE on Ustream from 7:30-8:30 PM and YOU can join the fun by peeking in on the action. During part of that time, I'll be guiding my guests in making my project seen below.  Some of you may have even received the materials (minus stamps) to create the project- so join in on the fun!  If not, I'm attaching a not-so-perfect jpg image of my inspiration sheets for you.

This is the card I will be teaching at my event.  It's got a fun little technique that uses FSJ stamp cleaner in a totally unexpected way.
Footprints, Footprints...I can't believe you'll be gone forever at the end of May.  If you don't already have this ATS stamp, MAKE SURE TO GET IT!  It's a must for some awesome backgrounds! Military, Hunting, Camping, Farming, Gardening,  Illness Warriors...You name it!
 Take a close look at that Gold Silk!  Notice how it appears bubbly and grainy?  That's a reaction it has with this technique.  FUN, FUN, FUN!
 This is the SECOND option I created using most of the materials in the pre-cut kit.  It also adds a coloring element...some people like coloring, some...not so much.  I try to give two options for folks to make their own decisions.
I just LOVE the cartoony sentiments in the Soldier Boy set!  They work so perfectly with this design!
Now, here are the inspiration sheets.  Free for the pickins!
If you would like the PDF versions of these inspiration pages, please comment below with your email address (I moderate all comments and will not post your comment on this page if it has your address or email information).  

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