Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cancer Sucks!

It's with a heavy heart that I'm writing this post.  I received word this Friday that my cousin Wayne passed away after a very short and private battle with cancer.  His cancer was aggressive and at stage IV when he was diagnosed a little over a month ago.  Just this June, he unexpectedly lost his precious buddy Bella Angelina, who I'm sure now, left this world in preparation for his Homecoming.  

In honor of his wishes, I kept his struggle within family reach, but quietly prayed for a miracle or God's mercy for more time on earth.  I guess it wasn't mean't to be.  Although I don't understand the reason why he was taken so soon, I have faith that GOD always has a plan, and I pray that this knowledge brings comfort to so many aching hearts.  My only wish is that his family believes it too, and knows that someday, we'll all be together again.
I'm so terribly sad for my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leland who are experiencing the loss of their youngest son.  I can't imagine the pain and the sorrow in their hearts.
 I'm sad for his wife Carol who lost her adventurous partner in life and their baby Bella all too soon.
I'm sad for his older brother Todd (and family) who remain with treasured memories that will lift their sorrows and carry them through.
I'm sad for my Dad and his brother and sisters who have lost a smart, dedicated, hard working, and loyal nephew.
I'm sad for Wayne's friends who will hold memories of all their adventures and see his gentle smile on the face of a stranger passing by.
Yep...Cancer SUCKS!

As for me, well, you read it, I'm sad!   Not so much for myself, but for the many, many people I care about who are impacted by Wayne's passing.  In grief and sadness (and in happy times), I retreat to my stamping room, always on a mission to create a smile, inspire a memory, garner some hope...Today, I went up to my room and carried create some hope for my family...

PS....See those red hearts?  Every...single...heart...represents a condolence that was posted on my facebook message post yesterday...I appreciate your condolences but somehow, I don't feel right in accepting them. They're really not for me, they're for Wayne.... so....I'll be packaging them up...all of them...and sending them off to Wayne's Mom and Dad...I hope they feel our love...

RIP Cousin Wayne!  You were an amazing man and I'm honored to be your cousin.  I'll see you again when it's my time to come.  Please give Grandma and Grandpa a BIG hug for me.
Even closer to GOD now Wayne!  (photo from his FB collection) 
Bella was waiting for you, I'm sure!  Welcome HOME, Wayne!  (photo from his FB collection)

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