Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scraps are magical...

Hello there Journey Friends!

Today I'm sharing my first project created with "Winter Fred" (He now has a die/stamp bundle too!). I worked on this card this past "Scrap Day".  On Sundays, I ONLY use the scraps I've amassed over the weeks to create new projects.  Sunday is a day of thanksgiving and rest, and I think those unwanted and unloved scraps that so often find themselves in the trash can deserve a chance to shine...and show their magical potential!  If you toss your scraps into the trash, I encourage you to WAIT!  Set aside a day to USE them!  They'll speak to you, they'll thank you in such an amazing way...They'll show you they also have a purpose and meaning!  Wanna see what I mean?
See!  Scraps ARE magical!   If you follow my blog (or visit previous blog posts I've shared), you'll be REMINDED of the projects these scraps came from.  You'll RELIVE the MEMORY and the FEELINGS and the EMOTIONS that these scraps previously created in your heart...Scraps are great STORYTELLERS; storytellers that invite YOU to join their memorable journey...

POWERFUL, right???
Smiling here....Touch it too...You can FEEL the love.  ;)
...and FRED is speaking...Do you hear him???
He misses and NEEDS his Ethel!  

Oh yep, I guess I need to listen and go shopping.  The Holiday Mini...That's where she is...Check her out on page 23...

Alrighty...Back to stamping...See you soon!  

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