Thursday, February 25, 2016

Boot Camp Hellos...

Hey Journey friends,

Today I'm sharing a few cards I created for a couple Boot Camp kiddos... My nephew is off at Boot Camp in Oklahoma and a fellow cardmaking friend's son is off at Boot Camp in Georgia.  I decided to say hello to my nephew and wish the young man a happy birthday.   Hope they are both having grand adventures at "camp" and are listening to their instructors.  ;)

So this first card was made for my nephew.  He enlisted into the Army National Guard as a field medic.  He loves the medical field and currently hopes to become a Neurosurgeon someday.  He's an extremely smart and an amazing young man.  He's an Eagle Scout, a Governor's Academy Scholar, a college sophomore (on hiatus), a Medic for fire and rescue and... an Army Reserve Recruit.  
Although the colors aren't "true" to the tank, I don't care.  I love the camo look on this tank.  I'm not even sure the tank image is accurate.  That's ok too...It's the sentiment that counts!  :)
Layers and layers of fun papers!!!  I stamped and watercolored the background paper with our Journey Splash, stamped the stars with River Stone ink then splattered some Silver Journey silk on the paper.  I crinkled up some of the star vellum then added a little grid paper banner.  I thought that set off the tank image and made it more masculine.  Adding some Black Journey Twine helped finish it off.  
I wanted to add a little I pulled my tried and true Wilton candy wrapper out, cut it in half, added it to the layering process and stapled it all together.  All perfectly suited for this Manly card.  :)

And...This just in...I spied my nephew in a picture posted on the Boot Camp's FB account...Here he is...The leader, the smartie, the good guy writing on the sign.  Of course I had to doctor the photo up a bit.  ;)
Now on to the next card:  
This card was created for my stamping friends son at Boot Camp in Georgia.  Since I don't know him, I decided to pull out the paratrooper image and the American Sun ATS.  The sentiment with the Boots (retired) is always perfect so that was included in the design.  I think it's fun and playful...with a bit of Americana thrown in.  :)

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  1. that tank card has such awesome details. :) he will love it!


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