Thursday, November 12, 2015

Big Partnership Announcement!

Oh my goodness!  I'm so excited today!  This week has become an amazing week of awesome news and I'm so excited to share a little bit of it with you today.  Richard Garay announced today that FSJ has formed a partnership with Webster's Pages to create an exclusive line of Planners and planning products for FSJ.  I am SO excited!!!  Make sure you head over to Richard's blog because he's offering a chance at a few FUN stamp sets...All you have to do is comment, like and share.  (You can also check him out on Instagram and Twitter!)  ;)

Obviously, you can see from the photos that I ALREADY have a Color Crush planner and have been having a ball trying to keep myself organized while also having a fun stampy time embellishing my pages.  

When I heard the news, I was thrilled!  I drove home this evening ready to add more fun to my planner (I had already done my November cover page and hadn't shared it yet.  Take a peek below:  
I hadn't finished embellishing my planner page for this week so I climbed upstairs to my crappy room and got to work.  I guess I was a bit over-excited because I just now noticed that I used a 10- instead of an 11 for the date.  OOPS!  Don't you just hate that?!?  I guess I'll be heading back to my crappy room to do a little fixin' later!
I've been working on a Bible reading program and my planner is a great place to reflect on the passages and document each reading.  It's a constant reminder to keep the faith!  :)  
I also worked on creating some fun little planner clips.  I used Fimo clay (baked with my heat gun) and FSJ acrylic paints to color the disks.  I burnished the colored disks with some Oatmeal cookie ink and rubbed off the paint on the flowers to give it a rustic "dirty" look.  I also added a bit of Journey Glaze and Sparkle Dust. 

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