Monday, November 2, 2015

Brownie Bombs are the BOMB

 Hey Journey friends,

Halloween is over and I can share the yummy treats I made to share with friends.  They were a big tasty hit!  I had a few left over so I secretly mailed some to my sister for her birthday November 3...HEE HEE...A little after-Halloween trick and treat!
I loved being able to use the spooky set from Fun Stampers Journey to add a more festive feel to these treats.  I have some neon colored Copics that I very rarely use and they came in handy for the eyeballs in a jar.
 To give a bit more gore to the treat, I splattered some Cranberry Bliss Silk onto the skull images.  This Silk is more blood-like than shimmery, so it worked perfectly.
Of course I had to sample some so you could see the inside of the bomb.  MMMMM...Brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough.  So delish.
The wrappers and the paper straws were purchased in the dollar spot at Target.  So perfect!

If you're interested in the Brownie Bomb recipe I used, it's quite simple:

Each bomb contains 2 mini brownies (from Wal-mart)
Brownies were stacked between a small ball of cookie dough.
The sticks were carefully poked through the brownie stack.
The brownie "pop" was dipped in melted chocolate chips.

I think next time I try Brownie Bombs, I'll use Peanut Butter and JELLY!

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