Monday, August 29, 2016


Hey Journey Friends!  Today I'm sharing a HUGE photo recap of all the fun that was had at Be Amazing in Virginia Beach on August 26-27.  If you like what you see, you'll definitely want to sign up for one of the last few events coming soon to Syracuse, NY in October and Orlando, FL in November!

So it all started with a training session on Friday.  After the training session, a few lucky Coaches spent some time with Richard Garay filming some fun techniques for the Make-Live-Share movement.  Vicki Soni and I were the lucky coaches this time!  :)  It was so fun!  And you don't see it in this picture, but I was BRICK RED and shaky for quite some time...Thank goodness it took Dustin (aka Potato) a while to set up the equipment!

 Prepped and ready for the shoot...All my goodies are laid out and ready!
Tip:  Notice my water container?  It's actually the container that held some Slice Fetti!  These containers are perfect for transporting water...Save 'em, don't toss 'em!
 Richard chatting with me about the technique...I'm layering, layering, layering the color.

Here's a closer look at the project I was demoing:
I also shared a few other projects on camera:  

And then it was Vicki Soni's turn!
I stood and watched as Vicki shared her techniques.  She's really good on camera!  I took a few photos of her interacting with Richard too.  It was pretty amazing that we had very similar techniques to share...and we didn't even plan it!  

After our video shoot, it was time for opportunity night.  This was a time for prospective coaches and new FSJ fans to come see some fabulous products demoed and learn about becoming a Fun Stampers Journey Coach.  
Here's just one photo...Kim Kesti demoing the Pan Pastels and clear stamping.  Other demos included the Press Punch system, the Journey Platinum Machine and Steel Rule Dies and our Journey Mixed Media products.  
The next day was all about crafty fun and watching magic come alive!  On Saturday Richard, Lynne, Kim and Gabby all shared TONS AND TONS of cardmaking projects on stage.  Since I was positioned dead center, I was lucky to be rooting for both teams:  Orange Rave (Nicole) and Turbo Teal (Dan).  After demoing several cards, it was time for lunch and we had some free time to emboss our sentiments for our projects.  
We were going to town with the heat guns!  

After lunch, it was time to create!
Look at all those yummy neon colors!  I definitely was in the FUN ZONE!  

Since I can't do two things at once, It's always pretty hard to watch Richard speed through the tutorial and follow along- or read the directions and look and listen to him...Sooo..I took one glance at the final project and just got in my happy place and started creating!  Some things are not quite exactly how they were shown, but I love my cards nonetheless.  :)  
The first card involved me pre-embossing the sentiments and the stars.  I  didn't like the way the sentiment was embossed so I cut the letters out individually.  I kinda like the mix of pennant and loose letters for the sentiment!  
 The second one involved a little smooshing!  I love this fun technique and use it a lot at home.  I added some more glitter to the star and stamped stars...and placed the panel wonky on the card base!
 This was my favorite card.  I didn't trim the sentiment panel and set it off wonky style again.  I'm a wonky kinda gal, I guess!  LOL
This is the last card we made.  I just about forgot to add the heart to the card- a stamper next to me discovered it loose on the table (drying)!  I added some extra trim...Love the trim sooo Much!  I want BLACK and WHITE! 

And YES!  Richard always has a Social Media Challenge at our events.  I love to play along and post away on Instagram...and WOO HOO!!!  I WON!  Check out the fab pins I took home:
It is fun to get cool pins at each event!  It reminds me of my high school days when I traded pins with other students from all over the world who attended national convention.  

Oh....And YOU KNOW there were freebies!  Richard and the whole FSJ family are soooo generous! Just look at the FREEBIE LOOT we took home:  
So yes, it was truly AMAZING!  Such a fun time...You DON'T want to miss it!  


  1. awesome, looks like a spectacular time!

  2. You my friend captured it so perfectly. So jealous that I don't have ANY photos of me doing a video with RG. Smiles. You my friend are one AMAZING ARTIST. So proud of you and so happy to be doing FSJ life with you. I smile at your change of heart on the neon... I was the same. :-)

  3. I agree with Christine completely!!!! You my friend are truly a gifted artist!!!

  4. Fantastic Kerry. Glad you enjoyed. See you at Leadership conference.


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