Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fiesta!...A Thank You...

My "Get ready to PARTAY" card created especially for the amazing Journey Crew!
It started out with feeling a little grateful...then snowballed...into something amazingly fun!

I had a TON OF FUN organizing a TOP SECRET FIESTA for the Journey Crew a couple of weeks ago and with the help of a few other awesome Journey Coaches and the ever-so-sneaky Kim Kesti, the FIESTA went down last week.

I wanted to show the Journey Crew my thanks for the new and improved website launch so I pitched my idea to my downline and a few close-contact coaches (so as to keep it on the down-low and to ensure the super-secret nature of this idea).  They were ALL IN and that set the ball rolling...

The Journey Crew Rocks!  If you haven't already experienced visiting the new FSJ website/blog and shop (Check out my new site HERE), you wouldn't know the hours and hours and days and days and weeks and weeks and months and months of work that went into launching this site.  I'm sure you can appreciate completing a HUGE project after working on it for so long.  Well, that is an understatement for this crew for sure.  TEAMWORK, DEDICATION, SUPPORT, COMMITMENT, DETERMINATION...Yep, that's all there!

Their tireless efforts in this successful launch are so appreciated and we continue to celebrate them as they work through the kinks and subsequent updates.  We know how hard they have worked to produce a fabulous website and we are so grateful for their dedication!

I reached out to Kim Kesti with a little proposal a few weeks previous to this event and I asked if she would help us surprise the crew.  We knew it would not be a surprise if we had nine hundred packages arriving to the Journey Station, so we needed a Secret Agent...a burro of sorts. ;) We hoped she would accept the mission (even during this busy, busy time) and help us pull off this secret mission.  She said YES!   Kim received all the packages, checked and updated us on the arrival of the goodies, arranged a date for the fiesta and set up the party supplies.  She also chipped in and provided some salsa and drinks since our mixer hadn't arrived!  Most of all, she kept it all hush hush for us. We thank her so much for helping us deliver our thanks... FIESTA style!


Check it out!

Our Fiesta-in-a-Box included LOTS of fun:  
*A cactus pinata-with pinata treats
*Mariachi Band...Rubber Duckie Style!
*Sombrero Party Headbands
*Tortilla Chips
*Margarita Mixer (arrived after the party) from my favorite Margarita Texas!
*Festive Solo Cups, Plates, Napkins, Fiesta Tablecloth
*Handmade cards from the Coaches on this secret mission

*A gorgeous flower arrangement delivered to the station
Check out a few photos (Thanks to the JCrew and Kim Kesti for preserving these memories)
Thanks Rose for the photo!  We loved seeing what our "pick" ended up becoming on the other side!
The flowers arrived the day before...with a little hint about a fiesta or something to come...
Kim was our secret agent!  Thanks to her, the secret party went off without a hitch!
Journey Orange and Green was in order...but no proper fiesta can exclude the other festive colors of the rainbow!  
Thanks for the great photo Kim!
Of course a fiesta needs a pinata right?  Well, when in Arizona, a CACTUS pinata is in order!  Too fun to destroy so the treats are on the side!  
Thanks Kim for the photo!
I mean really, I think they're reserving themselves for Convention...We know they LOVE to partay!  
This is the best stuff ever! Check out their recipes too!

(Although the case of Margarita Mixer didn't arrive in time for the party (a few hours late), I hope they enjoy that another day (perhaps an After-Convention party is in order?)
You can just see the crew trying to contain their excitement...They're working, ya know.  Even the mariachi duckies couldn't convince them to jump up on the table and shake those maracas...OR DID THEY?)

Here are a few of the cards that arrived in time for the party...  They're still trickling in to Kim so they'll be loved and admired soon!

Cards:  Betty Giles "You Did It!", Jenn Gross "Hip Hip HOO RAY!", Kerry Urbatch "Margarita Mariachi-You Rock!"

Here are a few close-ups of my card:
 Yummy Glossy Cups are in order!
I forgot to color his belt buckle before taking the photo so I had to take another shot of his AWESOME BLINGED OUT FSJ Belt Buckle!  No Mariachi is complete without a fabulous HUGE HONKIN' rodeo style buckle, right?

I used the following supplies to create this fun and festive card:  
Felicidades AT-0156 (Stamp and Die Bundle HERE
Circle Film Die Set DI-0276 (Coming July 1)

Non FSJ products:
White Tissue Paper (colored with FSJ Ink)
Black Micron Pen
Fine "0" tip Artist's Loft Paintbrush
Machine Stitching


  1. Oh my goodness, so much fun!

    1. Thanks Amy! It was such a blast being sneaky and I was just singing along while I was painting and making that yummy card! Nice and happy...a perfect fiesta!


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