Saturday, March 19, 2016

Coffee Playtime...

I decided to create a little coffee loving locket for myself this time for the Spring Coffee Lovers Blog hop.  It was quite fun sitting down to get inky while having the yummy aroma of freshly ground coffee lingering around (and on me).  I thought I'd take some photos of the process from beginning to end so that I could share it with you.  
The first step was to sprinkle some coffee grounds onto a piece of watercolor paper.  I cut the circle after using the glass from the locket as my cutting template.  After laying the coffee beans on the circle, I spritzed with high-test Vodka.  I wanted there to be no aroma and rapid drying so the alcohol did the trick.
After letting the Vodka soak into the paper, I took my heat gun and heated up the grounds.  As I heated them up, they browned the paper and left a very yummy aroma.
The next step was to brush off the coffee grounds.  I used my Journey Bloom Tool because the bristles were firm, yet gentle enough to brush the beans away without leaving dents or brown swipe marks.  
After removing the beans, I used the Media Pattern stamp set to add a few "splats" of Beach Breeze ink.  
I applied some Hazelnut Blend ink to the "blob" pattern and stamped it to the outer edge of the circle.
I wrapped some Natural Journey Thread around the stamped circle then realized I wanted some silk splatter on it too...SOOO...out came my Dark Roast Silk and some splattering commenced.  :)
Pure splattery goodness right there!  I heated it up to dry the splatter and then it was on to stamping the sentiments.  I pulled out my trusty Bezel Block set because it's just the right size for my locket!
I ended up adding quite a bit more stamping as I discovered that the coffee grounds and charms covered up the stamping when they were inside the locket.  I also added a bit of handwritten "coffee" words too.
Adding a little bit of coffee grounds, a few Coffee Cup Charms and the Red I Heart Hearts bauble finished up the locket.  I tied a little bit of jute (then rubbed it up a bit so it would unravel).

Hope you enjoy this little locket.  It's a perfect accompanying gift with my card!  :)

Locket Parts Used:  Large Sparkle Locket, Crystal Ring and Hoop, Large Diamond Cut Chain, Large Locket Kit


  1. Love it!! Lovely idea. Beautiful

  2. WOw~ Awesome! I love it! Thanks for sharing the whole process, and I can imagine how well your crafty table smells... TFS and Thanks for your kind words on my blog!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful project, Kerry!


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