Monday, March 7, 2016

Spritz, Spritz, Spritz!

Hello Journey friends!

Today I'm sharing a fun card I created for a special young woman in my life.  I hope she enjoys this card.  I really had fun making it.

I started out thinking of her favorite color...Purple...I'm not a purple lover, but I do really love the plum colors and the purples with more red in them.
I started out by spritzing some Color Splashes (Watermelon, Lavender, Blue Lagoon) onto some watercolor paper. While it was a bit wet, I also spritzed it with some booze...Yep, Super high-test Vodka.  That allowed the inks to bleed a bit more and spread on the paper.  Once the paper was saturated, I hit the paper with the heat gun.  I spritzed more alcohol onto the big splotches of color to bleed them a bit more.  I also flicked a few splatters of Gold Silk onto the wet paper.  Hit it again with the heat gun.
I spritz my paper in a Zip-loc bowl so I can contain all my ink.  This is a shot of the ink and alcohol "blooming".  Isn't it deelish???

When I was satisfied with the bleed effect of the background, I set the dry background down and grabbed my stencil (Vintage Screen) and Modeling Paste.  I added some random scrapes (I scrape the modeling paste with the plastic piece that our ATS stamps come on.) of modeling paste and used the heat gun to speed-dry the paste.  Did you know that when our modeling paste is heated, it bubbles up like bubble wrap?  If you heat it and cool it down just right, the bubbly embossing will remain.  It's a cool effect!  

After I was finished and the embossing paste was dry, I applied more Gold Silk and let it dry.  The final touch was to rub some Antique Gold Rub-n-Buff on the edges and over the top of the modeling paste.  I used my finger to apply this paste as it allows me more control and I really like to get messy! After applying the gold Rub-n-Buff, I rubbed it with an old cloth to shine it up a bit.
To finish the card off, I wrapped some Black Journey Twine around the panel, tied it off and mounted it onto Black Licorice cardstock.   I added embellishing touches of a freebie golden heart and a wooden star (adhered with foam squares).  I also tied a black licorice strip of stars to the panel from the Border Details Die set.   If you look closely at the wooden star, you might notice that the center is filled with Journey Glaze and sprinkled with some Licorice Sparkle Dust. read that right!  There USED to be Licorice Sparkle Dust and I have some!  It's retired now, but it's oh so amazing and I WISH Richard would bring it back!!!  I rubbed some Gold Rub-n-Buff over the star to give it a golden effect too.
Look at that golden shine!  YUMMY!!!  Oh...I also added the sentiment "Happy Birthday" from the Rock Notes set using Lavender Fusion and Watermelon Fusion Inks.  The card base is some Bazzill cardstock from my stash!

Hope you enjoyed this "tipsy" post!  See you again soon!


  1. Indeed a gorgeous creation. I am in love with this brilliant art piece. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I will definitely try it out. I am seeking ideas for DIY frozen party décor for my daughter’s 5th birthday which we are going to celebrate at her favorite indoor event space. We have kept it as a surprise for her.


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