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Make Live Share Recap!

Hello there Journey Friends,

I'm here to share a little about my Make-Live-Share event that was held on Thursday.  It was so fun! I'm sad that not everyone was able to make it but Richard and his team left their project kits with me so I could follow up with them at a later date (How sweet, right?!)

As my group of NON STAMPER invitees (and their children) sat down and got to work, Richard quickly realized that it was going to be a LONG...But FUN...Night.  As with most beginning stampers, they need a bit of time to figure things out.  It takes a lot more patience to sit and wait and let newbies explore.  Richard was gracious and patient and funny!  He taught them a lot about the special characteristics of our Hybrid Fusion inks and enlightened them about the special tricks stampers do to create 2nd Generation images.  I know they learned a lot, and that's important to my friends!  As with most new learning, it takes a LOT of risk and a lot of confidence to just get into the trenches and STAMP and they tried their best!

The first card Richard taught them to create was designed by Joe Garay.  He wanted to incorporate the Tank and the Army Green colors.  I loved that he pulled in some Pool Play and incorporated a little "camo" effect on the tank using the INK SPLAT ATS with Green Olive and Cocoa Powder ink. I spent my time assisting new stampers so I didn't have any time to make the card along with them so I did mine at home.  You can see I added a bit of distressing to the edges of the paper DTP method and added some Lemon Grass Confetti Sparkle Elements.  Richard didn't disappoint...He incorporated a bit of what he's famous for...His loopy-loop Twine.  MMMM....
Here's the close-up of the loopy-loop twine and the fussy cutting...yes, that took those newbies quite a bit of time, but the results were worth it to them!  Thanks for taking a deep breath Richard!
Richard's second project was an adorable little windsock...and a special treat for my guests!  It was also time for Richard to share that this project tutorial was going to be filmed LIVE right then and there, and would air on Richard's blog this coming Monday...The Make-Live-Share Monday is in the HOUSE!  WOO!!!  A perfect little treat for Memorial Day!  

Right before beginning instruction, Richard and Gabby gifted all my guests with the Star Bright Set, a yummy paper pack and some sparkly elements.  MMM... My guests clapped, they cheered!  WOO HOO!  Now these newbies definitely need some acrylic blocks and some ink pads for sure!  

And then we were off...Well, kind of...The first part was stamping and they were getting the hang of it, sort-of.  Then it was on to punching holes.  They all shared one hole puncher so that took a bit more time.  I wonder if Richard wanted to go take a nap or have a snack?  Intermissions can feel like an eternity!  Anyway, when they all had their holes punched, it was onto threading the cylinder.  Oh My...Challenge!  They didn't give up!  After all the frustration of tying and stringing was done, they moved on to applying their stars.  They were SO PROUD of their accomplishments!  
Richard was so kind to have gifted me his TWO windsocks as I was not able to make mine there.  I'm excited to see the video on Richard's blog too!

When Richard was finished with his projects, it was MY turn.  I posted the projects on the previous post so if you want to see those, click HERE.

Because I have limited supplies, I used the "Station" model of instruction which is similar to an assembly-line method of stamping. This allowed all guests an opportunity to stamp a certain portion of their card or create one element of their card at one table, then move to another table to complete another portion. These advanced stampers (LOL) didn't need the final instruction from me to to do the finishing stage of the card assembly process as they used the instruction PDF available at all tables.  Using the "Station" model also allowed me to float the room and assist students one-on-one when faced with challenges.  It works quite well in smaller groups but probably not with a group of 100.  LOL

When all projects were done, Dustin took Richard and I aside so we could be filmed and I could be interviewed.  I gave Richard, Gabby and Dustin a special treat I made for them and Richard gave me a special treat too!
Hmmmm....Now I'm even more excited to pack my bags for Convention.  I better not forget my GOLDEN TICKET!

After editing some photos from my event, I'll post them here on this blog soon.  Stop back soon because you'll be able to see the five boxes we filled for our deployed service members.

Thanks to some fabulous FSJ Coaches across the US that were able to join me and my friends as we created in support of our service members deployed overseas.  As they post their creations and allow permission to display here, I'll post their card creations using the "kit" I sent out to them.

Ruby Martha didn't have the stamp sets that I used but that's OK!  Look how she used the supplies and incorporated the Star Bright set into her design!  LOVE IT!
I'm also excited to share some photo collages of student preparation of the boxes that we are mailing to deployed service members.  Students worked together to carefully (and thoughtfully) decorate the insides of all of the boxes...Such a special surprise awaits these service members!

What's inside the the boxes?  
Deoderant, soap, lotion, shampoo, Blistex, muscle cream, Athlete's Foot cream, Toothbrushes, mirrors, toothpaste, baby wipes/hand wipes, crackers, gatorade/drink mixes, beef jerkey, energy bars, blank specialty cards to send back home to loved ones, greetings from students (ATC format), Greetings from teachers and adults, and so much LOVE!

Thank you to Claudia Gates, Becky Prusse and their "Third Thursday Group" for the huge box of goodies/ handmade cards and the amazing cash donation ($54.00).  It will help so much when mailing these boxes.
Note:  The food items are separated from the toiletry items.  All toiletries are packaged in a black bag to help contain the liquids in the event that there is damage/breakage or leakage during shipping.  
Look at the lovely box of goodies/cards and the cash donation from Third Thursday!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Our counselor is wheeling the boxes out to my car!  There they go!!!

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