Monday, May 11, 2015

Smells Delish!

Hello Journey Friends!

I'm sharing a little project (well, not so little!) that I've been working on for a friend's husband's retirement party coming up soon.  She wanted to make some "party favors" to pass out to the guests of her fancy, schmancy party.  Her husband is retiring from the Army and she's giving him a super-top-secret-top-of-the-line-party!  She asked me for suggestions and then loved my ideas and asked if I could make them for her...So now, I'm knee deep in candle wax, dog tags and canvas...

Six different candle flavors with extra-special names.  I think this is my favorite:

I'll be back again to share some other scents...They've got some fun names too.

Don't you just LOVE how the footprint stamp looks???

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