Thursday, July 6, 2017

Didn't Make the Cut: Part 3: Planner Scrapbook Layout

Today I'm beginning the massive share of a selection of projects I created to submit to Richard Garay's Designer Showcase.  I was excited when he announced the call and started working on some special projects immediately.  I compiled all my projects into a gallery on my team FB page (JOIN TEAM ITCHIN INKERS TODAY!) so that I could get the input of my fellow team members who would then vote on the ones I should submit.  It was important to me to get their input and was my first stage in my project submission process.

Today I'm sharing the projects that "Didn't Make The Cut" by my team.  Although I LOVE all of the projects I proposed for this call,  I could only submit two cards and one scrapbooking design, so I am so grateful to my team for helping me make the final decisions! As with all of my project shares on my blog, I will share ONE PROJECT PER POST as they will include my creative process and additional photos.

Here's the other Planner Scrapbook Spread I created.  It may be that this didn't get the LOVE because it's just a layout...No pictures, no backstory...So, that tells a little about presentation, right?  Anyway, I'm posting it for all to see.  Someday I'll add some photos.
I'm sure you can see that I have a love affair with the new Chosen Family set.  Shhh...Do you think Page left looks like a pencil?  I see the eraser, the metal eraser holder, the yellow barrel...Oh.  sheesh. Maybe that's why it wasn't chosen!  LOL
 Sparkly love...
I cut one of the Spring Treat Bags to create a fun little trim and bow for this planner spread.  So fun! I stitched it on with my sewing machine too!  
Sliding these panels into the pockets of my Planner Inserts is a perfect and quick way to create a fun layout!  Make sure you pick up a few of these packs of inserts.  They are a MUST HAVE!  The variety pack is a perfect collection of inserts that will create a variety of fun EASY layouts!

To finish off the panels, I often add my embellishments over the plastic sleeves.  I created a little ribbon belly-belt using some Watermelon Fusion ribbon, Sparkle Trim and some Black Twine.  The little bow is a fun twist on making a paper bow...and helps incorporate the pattern on the other side.

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