Monday, July 17, 2017

Wahoo! I made the CUT! ON TO ROUND 2!

Woo hoo!  I'm so excited to announce that I made the cut!  I've been selected as one of the 20 designers to move on to Round 2 of RG's Designer Showcase call!!!  Yipee!  I was so excited and honored that I decided to make a thank you card!    Of course, I took some photos-and close-up shots when I was done so after my next challenge, I'll stop back here to share how this was made.  until then, enjoy and try to guess how I did it!  :)
 Pretty, Pretty...Can you see my lime green shirt?

 I see me in that mirror paper!
There's my shirt again!  

Alrighty---Now off to plan my next two card projects and a fab FREE Choice project to submit for Phase 2 of this challenge!  Wish me, not luck...Please pray that my creative muse is in check and on point!


  1. YAY You! It's a beautiful card!

    1. Thank you Amy! I'm really excited about it!!! WOO!


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