Wednesday, June 3, 2015

For someone special...

Hello there friends, 

By now, my friend and Upline has received this special card I made for her.  I'm excited to be attending Convention and am happy that I'll be rooming with her (and another fabulous friend).  It brings back bittersweet memories of our last T.A.C. Seminar and our late night visits.  I'm glad we'll be together again to visit, laugh, smile and look forward to the BRIGHT FUTURE with FSJ.  
As with my Secret Friend Swap #1 card and my Secret Friend Swap #2 card, I used scrappy elements left over from my ATC swap trades.  I love that I was able to create several beautiful cards with items that most toss into the trash.
 Adding a few of my most favorite elements...and my newest color combo favorites!!!
Most definitely, I'm so honored to share a friendship with Christine Pennington.  :)

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