Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hello stamping friends.  As you may know, I'm an elementary school teacher by day and a crafter by night/weekend.  I make cards and crafty things for friends, family, coworkers and my students.  This month, we had lots of snow days that prevented us from going to school.  Almost a whole week out of school and it wasn't even Spring Break.  Well, needless to say, the Dr. Seuss festivities we had planned for the week were out the window, or so I thought.

This Monday, I have a full day planning meeting where I'll get together with teachers on my team and on other teams so we can plan and collaborate.  I decided I'd put together some little Dr. Seuss treats to have out on the work table as we slave away (ha ha).

So it all started with the iconic Seuss hat.  I created red and white stripes using some FSJ cardstock, then added the "Sweet Treats" sentiment from the Little BIG Greetings (SS-0052).
When that was done, I filled some tiny glass jars that I found in the Target Dollar Spot with candy fishes, gumballs and candy sticks.  Oh, you know...One fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish as Seuss wrote.  
Aren't they the cutest little jars?  I scooped them ALL up because I knew they were PERFECT for this project...and inexpensive giveaways too!!!
And see those little composition books, They'll be featured here soon...They worked well as a prop-for now.  
Now for flavors...  GUESS the flavors of all four fish...If you do, I'll send you a special treat!  

Red:  Yummy!
Yellow: Yummy!
Green: Yummy!
Blue: Yummy!

And HERE WE ARE....(Ugghhh-I'm in the red on the lower left.)

In our fancy-schmancy new library...Fabulously painted by Mural, Mural On The Wall.  


  1. OMG! The little bottles are so cute! Love your cards! What a cool connection to One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish I think green is lime, red is cherry, blue is blue raspberry, and yellow is lemon. :)

    1. Thanks Karen. They were a hit! The bottles of fish were empty by the end of the day...:) PS...Nope, but you got only ONE flavor correct!


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