Friday, March 6, 2015

You Lift Me Up and Make me Smile!

This week's Make-Live-Share involves creating a project that combines my joy of using stamps in unconventional ways and my love of creating "collections".  I also wanted to incorporate my March Sketch Challenge over at CreativeBloomsJourney.  In this challenge, I required a scalloped border in the layout design.  Since I didn't have a scallop long enough, I knew I had to improvise...and then the fun began...

I thumbed through my stamps and spied a "round-ish" image that would possibly do the trick.  The "Lift Me" ATS worked perfectly for the scalloped border.  It kind of reminds me of bunting- so NOW I'm going to continue to use this idea for all sorts of cards!!!
I created this collection of six cards to fit specifically into this new Bamboo box.  I purchased several of these "organizational" boxes because I knew they would make great containers for cards, recipes and photos.
Now who is this for?

Well, I received word the other day that a retired teacher I worked with a few years ago lost her daughter to metastatic breast cancer.  So this is a gift for her... She returns to sub at the school often, and I can't imagine how much her heart aches.  Her daughter had been battling this cancer for five years and had a tremendous spirit and determination to fight and win.  Laura Elizabeth (Harbour) Scott leaves behind a loving husband, two young children (7 and 9), a sister, her mother and father and countless family members and friends who are blessed by the gifts she leaves behind.  Her legacy of giving and loving is immeasurable.  She co-founded a nonprofit called FamiliesFightingFlu and was passionate about the importance of vaccine-preventable diseases.  She will be so greatly missed.

Six perfect little cards to fit in the box and such a special person to give it to.  I hope they lift her spirits at this most difficult time.



  1. What a gorgeous card set and you have such a caring heart! love your work!

    1. Thanks Rose. I hope it lifts her broken heart a little. :)

  2. Love your cards! The balloon as a scallop is a fantastic idea! What a thoughtful gift.

    1. Thank you Karen. I love to use my stamps unconventionally. Get's more use out of them, for sure!!! :)
      I'm working on a couple baby cards next. Watch for the "balloon bunting" again. :)

  3. Such a beautiful card! Your story touched me deeply. My prayers are with the family.


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