Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wish in a Bottle...Part 2

I took a bit more liberty with this card in the kit.  I literally cut the "Please Note" section out of the bottle stamp (Now I have two stamps instead of one!) and added some graph paper.  I turned the card layout around and added a little bottle label using some extra oatmeal paper stapled to the bottle.  The card base was stamped with the Postage stamp die and Oatmeal Cookie ink.  Crumpling the papers up again...Yes, I like that effect.  I also used a bit of some white ink to "milk" the bottle.  
 I added a little white pen to give some highlights here and there and also used a black Micron pen to create some stitches on the "label".
So...That's card 2 of 4 in the kit.  I'll be back tomorrow to show you how I tweaked card 3... Remember, after these cards are done, I'll be back with some of my own projects using this set.  I'll include inspiration pages that you can use if you wish.  See you soon!  

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